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Things that are needed for typhoon evacuees…

Posted by Inday Bisdak on October 9, 2009

There are some basic  needs for a typhoon evacuees. But few of these must be consider.

An evacuation could last from a several days. Considering the things that may be needed is important.

1.  Condoms,  contraceptive pills, napkins and toiletries are needed to  evacuees in a respond to reproductive evacuation centers. It is concerned for unsafe deliveries by pregnant women , teenage and unwanted pregnancies and the possible spread of sexually transmitted disease.

2. Hygiene kits contains panties, cleanliness towels, water, alcohol, sanitizers, toothpaste. toothbrush  and sanitary napkins.

3. spare clean clothes.

4. detergent powder / bar / soap

5. Blankets / sleeping bag.

6.  Personal medications.

7.  Special foods or baby formula.

8. Mosquitoes net.


It’s a biological precautions should be taken. We should open our mind and don’t be laid back. We ‘re human beings and it does exist. An ounce of caution is better than a pound of cure.


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