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Fly lyk a Butterfly

Posted by Inday Bisdak on November 5, 2009

Butterflies fly in the morning and afternoon hours. In other words you will see butterflies during the day. Butterflies also like puddles

Butterflies can fly for thousand of miles with their scales and wings. The scales of the butterfly can easily be damaged with the powerful forces from a human.

Butterflies have to warmed up before they take actions just like a car. To cool off in the summertime , butterflies fly and cruise in the air.

All insects are cold-blooded and cannot control their body temperature. So butterflies will readily bask in the sun when it is warm out, but few are seeen on cloudy days. It is good idea to leave open areas in a yard for butteries to sun themselves, as well as partly shady areas like trees or shrubs, so they can hide when it’s cloudy or cool off if it is very hot.

What Butterflies need in life?

  • A place to lay eggs
  • Food souce for caterpillars
  • Nectar source for adults
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Basking stones

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