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Who is Inday Bisdak?

A picture  of Inday BisdakWelcome to everyone!

You are now in Inday Bisdak Blog.

First I introduce  to you  who is Inday Bisdak?  A name Inday is a “bisaya as Visaya” words  generally given as a name to “Visayans woman” (a female gender) who was natively raised  in one of the Visayan islands of the Philippines (Cebu).

The word Bisdak comes from a word  “Bis”meaning (bisaya) and the word “dak or daku” meaning  (big / large / grown).

They combine the two words and become a Bisdak.

The word “Bisdak” become a well known name in the province of Cebu used to called to  a person or a people who were a native born speak, grown and purely bisaya from the province of Cebu.

The word  Bisdak become also a part of the expression name to describe  generally to the people of Cebu.


One Response to “Who is Inday Bisdak?”

  1. Victor said

    hello my princess thanks for the blog …missing you xxx

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