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Ang Blogista (The Blogger)

At last! It’s already here my simple Blog. A web Blog of consuming of time and thing. I can say a Blog which I’ve done for myself.

What are the reasons I make my Blog?
Well, this is a best I can bet a voice among the online crowd. This is my personal website, jam-packed with the features of the ideas I have in my mind. It can be used also my personal email.
I can say its my home!. My accomplishment for myself.
Its “nonsense” (maybe?)… So thanks!..its a fun, a game anyway,,,
but while I am doing my fun I am happy playing my game.

In short ako “>ako “>ang pag ka interestado na ma i publish nako ang naa sa ako kaugalingon nga huna2x.

Getting money out of here? Hmm!… why not? I don’t wanna be rich! Just give me time, time…he! he! For now I enjoy of what I am doing. I am inspired doing my own blogs. Being busy but happy…
Sa akoang Blog na gihimo karon ma i share pod nako ang parte sa mga komedya (jokes) na mag pakatawa o’ mag pa gitik nato. ..

The important “The lighter side of the Life…and the healing power of laughter.
Best medicine for ourselves. Start laughing now, you are not yet late… start your own space, your own Blog spot, you will find the best felling for yourself.

Again, lets enjoy na lang ang “>ang “>dinhi. Watch na lang ninyo ang akoang mga blogs na umaabot na i post.

Thanks for your quick understanding. I know it takes a time (maybe) for us to understand people?
Hopefully soon,,,not for now, you can start your own web Blog. Why not?..and be a part of a Bisdak Blogger.

Mabuhay Bisdak!
Pit Senior (kalouy-i ta).


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