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Happy EID-Al-Adha: The Festival Of Sacrifice In Islam

Posted by Inday Bisdak on November 27, 2009

Eid Al-Adha is a holiday marking the end of the Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca which is one of the greatest religious observances in Islam.

Eid al-Adha is the second most important Islamic holiday after Ramadan.

While Eid is an occasion for joy and happiness and widely popular amongst the Muslim community and the Arab country around the world.

When all the members of the family come together and celebrate. Family and friends visit each other, exchange greetings and gifts and feast on.

When People are busy for preparing and buying gifts for their love ones and  family.

When people are faithful offering their EID prayers. The holiday is observed with morning prayers.

And when somebody is doing an offer sacrifice animals for a good dish to cook. The dish is especially made on the festive occasion of Eid and served to family.

The family  observed  Eid al-Adha by slaughtering an animal and sharing the meat with neighbors, family members and the poor,


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Explore About The Trends Of Modern Tattooing In The World

Posted by Inday Bisdak on November 26, 2009

The art of Tattooing has become a craze amongst youngsters. The art of tattooing has exploded! There is no hard and fast rule or limitation, so you can easily let your imagination get wild and get tattooed.

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Will Gold Keep You Safe?

Posted by Inday Bisdak on November 25, 2009

Gold so looks like the next mania…

Wherever you look on the television, in the local paper or walking down the High Street, it is clear that there is money to be made out of gold,’

Gold has no official monetary role but central banks and individuals hold it for good reason.

Don’t Buy Gold Until you Compare Gold Prices and Gold Dealers at gold price.

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Violent deaths lay bare Philippines’ Politics

Posted by Inday Bisdak on November 23, 2009

Candles are lighted by Cebu journalists to express protest and grief over the killing of at least 18 news reporters in Maguindanao.

A student seeking justice for the victims of the massacre in Maguindanao province, southern Philippines.

The bodies of victims are recovered following the massacre.

The convoy was ambushed by more than 100 heavily armed men.

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The Muslim Woman: Looking Beyond The Veil,

Posted by Inday Bisdak on November 7, 2009

They looks they were respectful.

Muslims who say the traditional hijab is a sign of piety and modesty. They also find wearing it to be liberating.

The strict Islamic laws restricting movement of women, takes preposterous dimension in Arabs Muslim world. Shrouded in dark colored abayas or traditional covering the face with veil.

Muslim women say veil is more about expression than oppression

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A Peso for your though…

Posted by Inday Bisdak on October 18, 2009

peso bill

Isn’t it strange how a 100-peso bill
seems like such a large amount when
you donate it to church, a large amount of mouth to feeds to  those  typhoon victims

but such a

small amount when you go shopping?

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After the storm…and Life Must Go On!

Posted by Inday Bisdak on October 12, 2009

The Baguio BEFORE  the typhoon “Pepeng” (Parma)

those lovely green trees, a wonderful forests, with nice houses

the mountain in Baguiomountain in Baguio3

The Baguio AFTER  the typhoon “Pepeng” (Parma)

… now look like a  swimming pool a rising water  widespread flooding…  BAGUIO-UNDERWATER_home

The weather is often unpredictable and sometimes dangerous.


sunset after the storm

the sunset after days of torrential rains and flooding

A new  start… a new Hope, a new Smile and looking forward into a new future again.

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Price ceiling imposes on basic goods…

Posted by Inday Bisdak on October 9, 2009

Price ceiling means that sellers are not allowed to increase prices (for 60days  or according to DTI advertised date) after the state of calamity.

No price increased on basic goods during an emergency.

Price ceiling on basic commodities to prevent unscrupulous  traders from raising prices in the awake of the devastation typhoons name  Ondoy and Pepeng.

The price of goods must be  the same of the imposed prices from the DTI  (Department of Trade and Industry). The standard retail prices of basic commodities. This is effective in all the areas under the state of calamity. The list of goods  that are automatically  controlled in a times of emergency.

The commodities covered by the price ceiling include canned sardines, processed  milk, coffee, instant noodles, detergent soap, rice, meat, poultry, sugar, cooking oil and others basic consumption. The order covers both wet market and supermarkets.

However the price ceiling does not cover the include the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and the construction materials. Construction material are classified as prime commodities but certain construction materials will not imposed of increase prices.

Violators of the price ceiling overpricing faces imprisonment of ten (10years) and a fine of P1million for those sellers who caught increasing their prices.


Please to all traders  at times like this don’t take advantage  of the crisis unnecessarily to increase the prices of  basic goods and commodities. At time like  this we can overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tragedy that has just occurred and the challenge to rebuild and recover. Let’s help one another…and be as one for unity…

Thank  you for your cooperation.

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Kalesa trip…

Posted by Inday Bisdak on October 8, 2009


The kalesa is basically a horse drawn carriage, it was introduced to the Philippines in the 18th Century by the Spanish. It was the upper classes mode of transport, only the nobles and officials could afford the luxury of the Kalesa.

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My childhood church

Posted by Inday Bisdak on October 5, 2009

the_church_ in_ calbayog cityST Peter & Paul Cathedral in Calbayog city

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral that is considered to be the biggest church in all parishes in the province, seems to have lost its Spanish touch. Nevertheless, the old dome, the spire and the thick walls reveal the blending of two architectural worlds: the old and the new historical innovations. Traces of centuries old architecture could hardly be discerned. Multi-colored walls, niches, domed ceilings, blocks and tiles are, however, traces of Spanish culture.

In 1700s, Calbayog appears as a visita of Capul Island in the documents of this century. The Jesuits did not build a stone church in Calbayog., Ceded to the Franciscans with the rest of western Samar in 1768, Calbayog was attended to by Franciscans who resided in the neighboring towns.  In 1785, it was raised to parish status almost two decades after the Jesuits had left but still it had no resident priest until 1788 when Calbayog had its first Franciscan pastor, Fray Benito del Carmen.

The oldest canonical books, as of 1884, was dated to 1808. An irony of history: Calbayog once a lowly visita is now the seat of a diocese.  By decree of Saint Pope Pius X the island provinces of Samar and Leyted were erected as the Diocese of Calbayog, separated from Cebu on April 10, 1910,   Then in 1914 the Franciscans ceded parish administration to the secular clergy. (Panublion)

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