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Enjoy decorating your life, paint with smile and draw with love…

Pinoy Bisaya Blogista (Filipino Visayan’s Blogger)


Welcome to all! Kumusta sa  inyohang tanan.

Thank you for spending your time visiting.

This is a homepage blog of Pinoy Bisdak a Filipino Bisaya who like to start their own first blog, to those who want to do blogging  and to make as their hobby.

My homepage are open free  to all who like to join here, to those outside bloggers  (not only a Pilipino Bisdak)

but has the honest intention and  interest to join; you can shares your own talents and crafts in blogging.

Welcome  you all here.

The text content of this Blog were written in Bisaya dialect  and English language. Most of the text were translated from Bisaya to  English or English to Bisaya (Visaya) version or (vice versa!)

My blog has a 3 different kinds purpose, it is a combination of a Photo Blog, a Travel Blog and a Personal Blog.

The posted blog will shown according to the category stated and the calendar date of which when was the blog presently or recently posted.

A real posted photos  were taken from a different aspects of life, based with a different situation  categories.

So now I am inviting you all to view my blog, leave your comments. Come and join me here.

This is a blog for you, for all and for us.

Please stop! watch ! smile and enjoy.

Mabuhay! Mabuhay !

Pinoy Bisdak Bloggers and to all inspiring Blogger’s out there.


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